Financing Application

Do you need help with your financing application or is your current financing application in danger of failing?

Finance 4 Fashion has the professional and objective expertise to guide you through the process from the financing application up to the acceptance. Every company needs a different approach or more personal guidance.

Ask for the possibilities without any obligation!

Every company needs a different approach or more personal guidance.

Collecting and analyzing the data often results in extra workload for your management and financial administration. In addition, you must be well informed about the topic. Finance 4 Fashion can take a large part of the work off your hands, so that you can continue with your core business.

Ask for the possibilities without any obligation!

Below is the standard procedure for your financing application and the various subjects that you may be confronted with.

  • Phase 1: Is your business model transparent and is your business plan up-to-date?
  • Phase 2: Are your financial details in order or do they need to be further supplemented?d?
  • Phase 3: Choosing the financing institution or bank, what options are there?
  • Phase 4: Assessing the additional financing and combinations of financing in addition to analysing the existing financing details.
  • Phase 5: Submitting the financing application, including the financial justification.
  • Phase 6: Handling additional data and financial information.
  • Phase 7: The financing offer: initial assessment and whether it is sufficient for your company.
  • Phase 8: Further analysis of the rates, repayment conditions, risk premiums and additional guarantees and securities.
  • Phase 9: The negotiation phase: feasibility with sufficient guarantees.
  • Phase 10: Approval of the final quotation and the financial processing of the data.

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