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Do you need assistance with setting up Exact Online?

Do you want to implement or improve Exact Online within your organization so that you get the most out of it? Then Finance 4 Fashion can help you with this. We specialize in arranging this financial solution. Where necessary, we can implement efficient improvements that fit your company perfectly. You are offered the option of linking your administration to our accounting environment.

Exact Online

We can set up the Exact Online software for you and further improve it. A link with our office is possible. For example, we do the monthly checks and the VAT returns, you do the rest.

Signals In Your Organization

Finance 4 Fashion can offer workable solutions for Exact Online software.
A complete division of tasks can be determined at the user level

Transparent Reporting

Custom financial reports for management consultations.
If desired, the Exact Online standard reporting tools and/or Excel can be used.

Ask the Exact Online Financial Specialist for further advice!

Exact Online

Are you looking for a financial partner for Exact?

We can manage Exact’s financial module for you and further customize it where necessary. You will achieve the most optimal results within your departments and accounting. The nature of the work is carried out in consultation.

Do you recognize these signals in your organization?

  • Problems with invoice processing or a lot of time is lost manually entering and sending sales invoices
  • Internal questions regarding financial transactions and their processing
  • People still work with Excel too often
  • Preparing management information takes a relatively long time
  • Supplier, customer and product data are outdated

Transparant Financial Reports

Finance 4 Fashion can offer solid and workable solutions for (re)designing or optimizing Exact Online.

Part of the monthly financial processing of data can be done by our office. For example, you do the sales invoicing yourself and our office takes care of the rest. There are numerous options for dividing the tasks internally or externally. We are happy to inform you about the possibilities.

Ask the Financial Advisor at Finance 4 Fashion about the possibilities and contact us immediately!

Our Other Services

Financial Adviser / Consultant

Finance 4 Fashion is able to issue customized advice about your company’s financial structure.

Financial Administrative Services

We offer financial administrative services in a professional manner.

Financing Application

Every company has a different approach or needs a more personal guidance.


Sometimes, you could use just that little extra financial administrative support…